Venues in Boerne Texas

Your Guide to the Top Event Spaces

Boerne, Texas, a scenic town nestled in the Texas Hill Country, is known for its charm and hospitality. It offers a diverse range of venues for those seeking to host events, from rustic barns that embody the essence of country living to elegant spaces that add a touch of class to any gathering. With its picturesque landscapes and historic downtown, Boerne provides the perfect backdrop for weddings, corporate retreats, and special celebrations.

Event planners and couples will find that venues in Boerne cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Facilities like the rustic-chic Milestone Boerne provide a stunning entrance staircase and double-arched cast iron doors, setting the scene for a memorable Hill Country wedding. Meanwhile, spaces like Tusculum Halle and The Oaks at Boerne combine natural beauty with functional event spaces, making the most of Boerne’s serene environment.

Beyond weddings, venues in Boerne also accommodate a range of corporate and social events. Each venue offers unique amenities and atmospheres, ensuring guests enjoy an authentic experience with a touch of Southern hospitality. With its combination of beautiful settings and welcoming venues, Boerne stands as a prime destination for those looking to create unforgettable moments.

Popular Wedding and Special Event Venues

Boerne, Texas offers an array of picturesque venues perfect for weddings and special events. Each venue showcases unique features that cater to a variety of preferences, whether one is looking for the rustic charm of a barn setting or the sophistication of a country resort.

The Milestone | Boerne

Location: Nestled near Upper Cibolo Creek
Capacity: 300+ guests
Description: The Milestone | Boerne, part of Walters Wedding Estates, enchants with its picturesque Texas Hill Country views, providing a scenic backdrop for the perfect ceremony. This venue is renowned for its spacious reception hall and charming outdoor spaces that accommodate a range of wedding sizes.

Kendall Point

Location: Boerne, TX

  • Elegant architectural details
  • Breathtaking landscape
    Description: Kendall Point offers a grand estate with architectural elegance and sprawling lawns for a sophisticated wedding affair. It boasts a refined indoor space and an outdoor ceremony area that captures the true splendour of the Texas Hill Country.

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort


  • Golf course
  • Spa Services
    Events: Weddings, corporate events
    Description: Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort presents a blend of luxury and nature. Its event facilities are ideal for an exquisite wedding or special event, complete with all the amenities one could desire for a memorable experience in the heart of Texas.

Ironwood Barn at Von Erich Ranch

Venue Type: Barn
Vibe: Rustic charm
Description: The Ironwood Barn at Von Erich Ranch embraces its pastoral setting, offering a rustic yet elegant barn venue. The structure is designed for both intimate and larger-scale events, providing an authentic Texas experience for a wedding or special reception.

Ring Mountain Event Center

Location: Boerne, TX
Specialty: Signature views
Description: Situated on a high point in Boerne, the Ring Mountain Event Center offers a panoramic view of the Texas landscape, making it a striking choice for weddings. The venue features versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, catering to couples who desire a special event with stunning vistas.

Cana Ballroom

Location: Boerne, TX
Capacity: Accommodates large and small gatherings
Description: The Cana Ballroom is well-known for its modern elegance and stunning design. With state-of-the-art amenities and a spacious layout, it is an ideal location for couples seeking a contemporary wedding venue in the Texas Hill Country.

Dining and Tastes of Boerne

Boerne, Texas, offers an array of dining experiences that showcase local flavors and culinary craftsmanship. From cozy downtown eateries to panoramic Texas Hill Country views, each venue provides a unique taste of the local culture.

Boerne Restaurants and Bars

Boerne’s restaurant scene caters to a variety of palates with establishments like The Bevy, a distinctive hotel restaurant that doubles as a lounge, offering both upscale culinary experiences and casual bites. In downtown Boerne, visitors can enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Longhorn Cafe’s Crow’s Nest, where hearty American fare meets the charm of a full-service bar. For those seeking a more relaxing environment, Kronkosky Place presents a cool and hospitable setting to indulge in local cuisine.

  • Downtown Eateries:
    • The Bevy: Offers both fine dining and casual lounging
    • Longhorn Cafe’s Crow’s Nest: Known for its American classics and full bar

Tasting Tours and Breweries

Boerne is not only about the food but also the brews. The local favorite, Kinematic Brewing Co., invites beer enthusiasts to explore their craft selections amidst the scenic backdrop of the Texas Hill Country. Another hotspot for flavor exploration is Dog and Pony Grill, where the taste of grilled specialties pairs perfectly with a variety of local brews. Visitors can partake in tasting tours that meander through Boerne’s breweries, providing a comprehensive sense of the community’s dedication to both brewing and hospitality.

  • Local Breweries:
    • Kinematic Brewing Co.: Craft beer with Hill Country views
    • Dog and Pony Grill: Grilled flavors complemented by a selection of brews

Outdoor Spaces and Natural Venues

Boerne, Texas, is a treasure trove of outdoor spaces and natural venues perfect for a range of events from casual park picnics to elegant lakeside weddings. The city’s parks and recreation areas offer picturesque settings, while its riverfront locations provide serene backdrops for a variety of outdoor activities.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation Areas

Boerne’s Joshua Springs Park and Preserve, managed by the Boerne Parks and Recreation Department, spans over 400 acres, offering an expansive outdoor space for guests to enjoy. This park features pavilions with picnic tables nestled in a scenic Texas Hill Country ranch setting, making it an idyllic spot for social gatherings, ceremonies, and corporate conferences.

For those seeking a more structured outdoor venue, The Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne provides a harmonious balance between natural beauty and guest amenities. It has both indoor and outdoor options available for receptions and celebrations, encompassed by lush parkland.

Lakes and Riverfront Locations

The Guadalupe River carves a path through Boerne, offering stunning riverfront locations for events. Venues near the river often feature outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy the tranquil flow of water as a backdrop. For lake-themed events, Joshua Creek Ranch is not only a sportsman’s paradise but also doubles as an event space, ideal for those who appreciate a true Texas Hill Country ranch setting.

Boerne’s waterside locales are perfect for more than just relaxation; they can also host a range of events from intimate lakeside elopements to grand waterfront galas. These natural venues allow event planners to create unforgettable experiences surrounded by Texas’s innate beauty.

Corporate and Casual Event Spaces

Finding the right venue in Boerne, Texas, for corporate events or casual gatherings is crucial. Whether it’s for a board meeting, a team-building retreat, or a relaxed social evening, Boerne offers a variety of spaces that can accommodate both formal and informal events.

Conference Centers and Meeting Rooms

When it comes to business events in Boerne, both Comfort Inn and Suites and Hampton Inn and Suites stand out with their professional meeting rooms. These venues are well-equipped for business needs, providing ample meeting space, chairs, and amenities necessary for successful conferences and corporate functions.

  • Cibolo Center for Conservation: Known for its environmental focus, the center offers a serene setting that is ideal for private events and business conferences.
  • Fair Oaks Ranch: It provides a sophisticated environment with a blend of rustic elegance for all types of corporate events.

Unique Event Locations

Boerne is home to unique venues that offer a distinctive flair to any special event.

  • Nelson City Dance Hall: Brings history to life with its intimate setting for dinners, celebrations, and private events.
  • Eagle Dancer Ranch: Provides a picturesque backdrop for casual corporate retreats or special events, where the Texan landscape brings a unique charm to any gathering.

These varied venues ensure that whether one is planning a corporate event or a simple dinner, Boerne’s event spaces provide memorable experiences alongside modern conveniences.

Lodging and Accommodations Near Venues

When planning an event in Boerne, Texas, attendees have the convenience of several nearby lodging options. These accommodations ensure that guests can enjoy the charm of the Texas Hill Country with the comfort of home.

Comfort Inn & Suites is a choice many opt for, providing cozy rooms and amenities that ensure guests are rested and ready for the day’s activities. It’s just a short drive from the heart of Boerne, allowing easy access to the local venues.

Visitors preferring a blend of convenience and amenities might consider staying at Hampton Inn & Suites. Its meeting and ballroom areas make it an ideal complement to event planning, especially for guests looking to host or attend large gatherings.

For those venturing a little further out, options in nearby Kendall County or the lively cities of San Antonio or Austin offer a diverse range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts. The drive from these cities to Boerne frames a delightful journey through the scenic vistas of the Texas Hill Country, making the travel a part of the overall experience.

For a more rustic experience, guests can choose local lodgings that capture the spirit of the area, offering the allure of Texan hospitality combined with convenient proximity to Boerne’s event spaces.

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